ACPL renders comprehensive consultancy services starting from initial fact finding and appraisal studies, project preparation, formulation and concept planning, feasibility study, detailed engineering and tender documentation, project management and post contract services. The services include :

1.Preliminary Investigations
2.Project Identification
3.Techno-Economic Feasibility Study
4.Environmental Impact Studies and Analysis
5.Social Impact Study and Rehabilitation & Resettlement
6.Field Surveys/Investigations (Bathymetric, Construction Materials, Geotechnical, Hydraulic and Hydrological, Hydrologic, Oceanographic, Socio-economic, Topographical, Traffic, etc.) and Analysis.
7.Economic and Financial Analysis
8.Conceptual Design
9.Programming Time and Cost Control Analysis
10.Private Sector Participation in Infrastructures
11.Detailed Design and Engineering of Roads and Highways and Pavement, Infrastructural development for Township, cultural & Sports Complex etc. including architectural, structural, electrical, air-conditioning mechanical, plumbing, environmental and public health engineering, infrastructure development, interior design, landscape design etc. preparation of project reports, technical specifications, cost estimates, analysis of rates, tender documents.
12.Detailed Design of Bridges, Culverts and Other Structures :-
13.Design of Embankment
14.Design of Drainage System
15.Preparation of Cadbased detail Drawings of Roads, Bridges & Culverts.
16.Institutional and Organisational Strengthening
17.Procurement Assistance including Prequalification and Tender Evaluation
18.Project Management Services including Time & Cost Control, Progress, Monitoring and Scheduling
19.Construction Supervision and Quality Control/Assurance
20.Inspection and Commissioning
21.Operation and Maintenance
22.Management Information System