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Archtech Consultants Pvt. Ltd. - ACPL, is a professional multidisciplinary consultancy organisation committed to provide quality services in many disciplines of infrastructure and other developments. This commitment has shaped the firm’s values and professional practices since 1984, the year in which it was established. ACPL is owned and managed by engineers, architects, planners and other professionals. We are registered under ADB and our DACON no. is 003040.

ACPL has successfully rendered services in planning, designing, Contract Management and Construction Supervision of Road works in India during 20 years.


ACPL is a limited company comprising the Board of Directors who are Engineers and Architects of repute, ably supported by experts in various disciplines of highest calibre and actively involved in client engagements. To meet the dynamic and complex needs of its clients, ACPL draws on the diverse backgrounds, skills, experience and creativity of more than 252 talented professionals selected on the basis of both their prior accomplishments in industry and/or Government and their achievement in leading academic institutions. ACPL’s Corporate Office is located at Calcutta and other offices situated in India .
DISCIPLINE (Alphabetically)

· Architecture/Interior Design/Landscape Architecture
· Bridges Structures
· Environment & Ecology
· Energy Conservation
· Environmental Engineering (water supply, sewerage & drainage, water and waste water treatment, pollution control, solid waste management, toxic and hazardous waste management, treatment of industrial effluent)
· Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and Environmental Management Plan, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Studies
· Geographical Information System (GIS)
· Highways and Expressways
· Health Facility Planning
· Housing
· Industrial Projects
· Non-conventional Energy
· Technical Training
· Traffic and Transportation
· Urban/Regional/Rural Development


One of the major fields of specialisation of ACPL relates to transportation systems of various types. These include highways, expressway, rural roads, urban roads, bridges, flyovers, grade-separated interchanges among others. ACPL is highly specialised in all aspects of environmental and R & R studies related to transportation projects including roads and highways. ACPL has gained experience at national levels specialising in following fields under projects and studies related to Surface Transportation:

· Traffic and Transportation

- Traffic Surveys, Data Analysis, Demand Feasibility and Assignment
- Traffic Engineering and Management Studies
- Traffic Dispersal Scheme
- Design of Junction and Terminal Points
- Freight and Public Transport Studies
- Transportation Planning and System Analysis

· Engineering Surveys, Investigations and Design

- Route Location Studies
- Inventory and Visual Condition Assessment
- Topographic and Hydrographic Survey
- Geotechnical Investigation and Materials Testing
- Hydrological and Drainage Studies
- Geological and Seismographic Investigation
- Axle Load Survey
- Road Roughness Measurement
- Benkelman Beam Deflection Test
- Pavement Evaluation and Design
- Geometric Design
- Design of Bridges, Flyovers, Interchanges and other related Structures
- Detail Design of Road, Bridges & Cross Drains

· Social Impact Assessment and R & R Studies

- Social Survey, Census Survey
- Public Information and Consultancy
- Resettlement Action Plan and Programme

· Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Plan

- Baseline Data Analysis, Preliminary Environmental Screening
- Noise and Air Pollution Tests and Analysis
- Positive and Negative Impact Analysis
- Environmental Design and Mitigation Plan
- Environmental Monitoring Plan
- Environmental Management Action Plan

· Economic and Financial Evaluation and Analysis
· Project Costing, Specifications and Tender Documentation
· Pre and Post Tendering Services and Documentation
· Pre-construction Services and Documentation


ACPL renders comprehensive consultancy services starting from initial fact finding and appraisal studies, project preparation, formulation and concept planning, feasibility study, detailed engineering and tender documentation, project management and post contract services. The services include :
· Preliminary Investigations
· Project Identification
· Techno-Economic Feasibility Study
· Environmental Impact Studies and Analysis
· Social Impact Study and Rehabilitation & Resettlement
· Field Surveys/Investigations (Bathymetric, Construction Materials, Geotechnical, Hydraulic and Hydrological, Hydrologic, Oceanographic, Socio-economic, Topographical, Traffic, etc.) and Analysis.
· Economic and Financial Analysis
· Conceptual Design
· Programming Time and Cost Control Analysis
· Private Sector Participation in Infrastructures
· Detailed Design and Engineering of Roads and Highways and Pavement, Infrastructural development for Township, cultural & Sports Complex etc. including architectural, structural, electrical, air-conditioning mechanical, plumbing, environmental and public health engineering, infrastructure development, interior design, landscape design etc. preparation of project reports, technical specifications, cost estimates, analysis of rates, tender documents.
· Detailed Design of Bridges, Culverts and Other Structures :-
· Design of Embankment
· Design of Drainage System
· Preparation of Cadbased detail Drawings of Roads, Bridges & Culverts.
· Institutional and Organisational Strengthening
· Procurement Assistance including Prequalification and Tender Evaluation
· Project Management Services including Time & Cost Control, Progress, Monitoring and Scheduling
· Construction Supervision and Quality Control/Assurance
· Inspection and Commissioning
· Operation and Maintenance
· Management Information System

Relevant Experience

ACPL rendered Project Supervision Consultancy services for :

a) National Highways
2 laning to 4 laning : 37.7 KM
b) State Highways
Single laning to 2 laning : 450 KM

ACPL was engaged by different State Govt. and NHAI for preparation of Feasibility Studies and Detailed Project for :

a) National Highways
2 laning to 4 laning : 530 KM

b) State Highways
Single laning to 2 Laning : 600 KM

Experience on Bridges

ACPL and their Key Personnels were engaged for supervision of Bridges/Flyover during the last 10 years for :

a) Upto 60 M : 25

b) 60 to 100 M : 15

c) More than 100 M : 7

We have harnessed expertise on Management Consultancy involving very specialised construction techniques and technology involved in the execution of cable stayed second Hooghly Bridge constructed over River Hooghly.

Experience on Rigid Pavement
Apart from relevant experience as indicated against Firms/ Key Personnel, we were entrusted with the project management consultancy of the entire Rigid Pavement Road Network with Quality Control Concrete using latest construction equipment, plant and machineries, for the proposed construction of a cultural complex under the name of Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra project under Assam Accord, as well as, major portion of Road Network of Assam University, Silchar (Central University) and funded by UGC, Govt. of India.

Training on Highways/BOT Projects
Our firm and relevant Key Personnel have attended seminars, workshops in India and abroad for updating their professional expertise in the construction supervision, management of contracts for rigid and flexible pavement using Geotextile, Polymer Bitumen, Milling and Recycling Bituminous Pavements. We also have expert and experienced professional as Senior Highway Engineers who are conversant with the concept of BOT Project in India.

Field / Laboratory / Office Equipments and Software available with the company.
We are presently holding adequate number of field, laboratory, office equipments and softwares as facilities for detailed project preparation as well as for construction supervision of Highway Projects.

List of essential equipments available with the firm :
Qnty available
in Nos.
1. Pavement Condition Survey Equipment
Benkleman Beam with spare dial gauge : 4 nos.
Bump Integrator/Roughometer : 2 nos.
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer sets : 2 nos.
Hand Augers with Extension Rods : 6 nos.
Field CBR Equipment sets : 2 sets
Field Density Apparatus sets. : 2 sets

2. Laboratory Facility
a) Soil Testing/Analysis Atterberg limits testing apparatus : 2 nos.
Trixial Shear Testing Apparatus : 1 no.
Direct Shear Test Apparatus : 1 no.
Consolidation Testing Apparatus : 1 no.
Proctor Test equipment : 1 no.
Speedy Moisture testing equipment : 1 no.
Other equipment for determination
of soil characteristics : 2 nos.
Laboratory CBR testing equipment : 4 sets
Field Boring Equipment : 2 nos.
Standard penetration Testing equipment : 2 nos.
Field Density Testing equipment : 2 nos.
Relative Density Testing equipment : 1 set
General & standard laboratory equipment: 2 sets

b) Material Testing Sieves of standard sizes
· Electric Oven : 2 nos.
· Marshall apparatus complete
with breaking head assembly : 1 no.
· Crushing Value Testing Apparatus : 1 no.
· Impact Value Testing Apparatus : 1 no.
· Abrasion Testing Apparatus : 1 no.
· Attrition Testing Apparatus : 1 no.
· Flash Point Determination Apparatus: 1 no.
· Ductility Test for Bitumen : 1 no.
· Penetrometer for Bitumen : 1 no.
· Cube & Cylinder moulds : 2 sets
· Slump test accessories : 1 set
· Cement test equipments : 1 set

3. Survey Equipment

a) Topographic Survey Total Station (Pentex, Japan) : 12 nos.
Automatic Level : 2 nos.
Echo Sounder : 2 nos.
Hand Propelled Measuring
Wheel (measuring tape) : 12 nos.
b) Axle Load Survey Axle Load Pads- 2 nos.-

4. Office/Engineering Analysis Equipment
a) Analysis/Design Computation and Drawing
Desktop Personal Computers and
Workstations : 12 nos.
Network Server and networking
Accessories : 2 nos.
Laser Printers : 6 nos.
Plotters suitable to plot drawings : 2 nos.
Digital Scanner : 2 nos.
Uninterrupted Power Supply

General/Other Ammonia Printing Machine : 2 nos.
Photo Copier : 2 nos.
Telephone System & Internet facilities : 1 set
Facsimile Machine : 1 no.
DTP : 1 no.
Furniture and Office Furnishing
LCD Projector : 1 set
Vehicles : 4 nos.

a) Engineering Analysis and Design

MXV2 Used for Highway Geometric design-Hardware Lock

AutoCad Land Development Sl. No. 180-700 34439
Desktop R-2 180-700344 40
Strip plan, Alignment Plan, Highway Geometry,
AutoCad Map Preparation of DTM & Quantity Calculation

Autodesk Civil Design R2 Sl. NO. 180-700357 77
Sl. No. 180-70033895
Autodesk Survey R-2 Sl. No. 180-700 357 67
Sl. No. 180-700 337 95

HDM III/IV Used for micro and macro level decision making,
Economic: analysis with various alternatives of engineering, pavement and maintenance options.
Regd. No. 58531

Microsoft Office Suite Spreadsheets and Database applications for Traffic Data
Analysis, Project Costing, Financial Analysis.
Product Key –RVX36-96KVK-TV8BM-Q8BHY-HQJ6T

STAAD – III (22.3 W)] Structural Analysis & Design Software to be used for
STAAD- PRO 2000 ] Structural design of major bridge structures
STAAD-PRO 2001 ] License No. 71812934D232576752
STAAD-PRO 2002 ] License No. 4478J4868400563812

GRAPHER Used for Plotting Graphs for Soil Test Data

AUTO PLOTTER Used for Calculation of Earth Work in
Embankment and other works
License No. ICS911V11Q9
AUTOCAD 2000 ]
ARCHITECTURAL ] Computer Assisted Drafting software for preparation
DESK TOP ] of drawings.
AUTOCAD MAP ] Sl. No. 220-60275839

Cadplus 3D Architectural Design with 3-dimensional effects

DCP Software for calculating the CBR value from DCP test Results

HIGHWAY CAPACITY The program allows for determining traffic flow charac-
Teristics, freeway and rural highway capacity, intersections. Level of services from the output are utilized in determining number of lanes, storage lengths
Highway and intersection geometry.

DARWIN Design of pavement as per AASTHO standards

NLREG Time Series Analysis of Traffic Data, Modeling willingness to pay Survey Data

b) Project Management & Control Software

PRIMAVERA SURETRACK Used for project management, schedule and
Budget control.
Sr. No. 73173605 Product ID:54194-28639- 2144597

c) Administrative, Document Control & Other Software
Software for administrative, document control and other purposes will include the following packages already owned by the Consultant:

Software Purpose

Windows NT (LAN) Networking Computers
Product Key-GQM2J-YFY4J-YK9K4- KBWTF-7R6M6
Novell NT (LAN) Networking
Winzip. 8.0 For file size compression
Microsoft Word Word Processing
Microsoft Powerpoint General Purpose Graphics
FACT Accounting
WEB SITE www.nightingalediagnostics.com

d) Inhouse Developed Softwares

R.C. Retaining Wall
Box Culvert
Design of Isolated & Combined footing
Design of Slab
Design of section under axial load
& biaxial bending
Design of Pile Cap
Pavement Design according to AASSHTO

V) Additional Essential equipment

1) GPS Survey Global Positioning System for Control survey(GPS): 2 nos.

2) Geotechnical Investigation Boring Sets : 8 nos.
Drilling Sets : 8 nos.
Standard Penetrometer : 8 nos.
Undisturbed Soil Samples : 100 nos.
Field Vaneshear test apparatus : 3 nos.
Single Tube Core Barrel : 8 nos.
Double Tube Core Barrel : 8 nos.

3) Condition Survey and testing of existing Bridge structures
Non Destructive Test (NDT) equipment : 6 sets
Load test equipment under NDT : 4 sects
Schmidt Hammer : 2 nos.